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How To Assemble A Pregnancy Wardrobe

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First Days Home w/ Sajda Ouachtouki


I just kept looking at him and thinking, "do we really get to keep you?”

First Days HomeFirst Days Home is a very special glimpse into those early, hazy newborn days. Whether you’re learning the ropes changing diapers for the first time, breastfeeding or bottle feeding, or recovering from a challenging birth, whatever the circumstances may be, each of our experiences is unique to us. By documenting and sharing a snapshot of this moment in time, we hope to create a shared sense of community and understanding around each mother’s personal journey as we all learn to raise our little ones together.

Meet Sajda@sajdareads, DC-based first time mother, lover of books, fashion and travel. Here she gives us a peek into her first days home with baby boy Sufyan, who arrived a little bit earlier than expected (as babes will do).

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