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Fast Chats - Sarah Godshaw

Welcome to Fast Chats. Join us for short, helpful interviews with awesome people. About what, you ask? About pregnancy, postpartum, kids, or life overall, and just generally not being totally solo on this mystical, internet-infused parenting journey.

Sarah Godshaw (All Small Co)

All Small Co founder on running an ecommerce brand, martinis, and Maldon salt.

1. Hi! How would you explain what you do?

I design kids clothes and run the online retail site, along with my close friend and business partner. I start everyday by hand-writing thank you notes for the day’s orders. Next we ship- lately that’s been a lot of gift wrapping! I focus most of my time on our social media, making videos and working to gather new content. Anyone watching me work would hear a lot of groans when I get frustrated- and a lot of squeals when we get tagged in something new. My partner, Hayley, and I both design and develop new product. We previously both worked as womenswear designers so we do a lot of sketching and tech packs, which is the best part of having this brand. It’s SO fun to see the little outfits in our head come to life.

2. What do you wish you could tell people who may not know about the work you do?

Running an ecommerce brand may look like were just best friends goofing-off on instagram… and while that’s often true haha we also work nonstop on building this brand. It’s a labor of love, but it’s truly so much labor, and we care so much. This brand is our life.

3. What's the silliest thing your kid(s) have said/done in the last week or so?

My son Charlie has a huge head of blonde ringlets. He saw a handsome bald man and whispered to me “Mom, why does that human have no hair?” I replied, “Some people, when they get older especially, stop growing hair on their heads,” to that he said, absolutely heartbroken, “So he doesn’t have any more beauty?”

4. What was the most fun thing you've done or discovered recently (with or without kids)?

I'm obsessed with salt. I’m sure I eat too much of it. Recently I acquired an industrial-sized tub of Maldon salt and it makes even the most mundane fried egg feel fun and luxurious.

5. You have secrets. We have secrets. Is there anything top-secret, parenting or otherwise, you can share that might be useful to other families this holiday season?

My secret for surviving the holidays is this: a dry martini.