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Gifts for Newborns

There is a sweet, brand new human on the way (or perhaps already here!) and everyone is level 11 excited. But what should you buy for the newborn in your life? Well, depending on what you think their family will want or need, we have put together a list of adorable and useful things for tiny babies and their tired parents. From baby bath sets and blankets to formula resources to onesies that are easy-on and easy-off, we have you and this little babe covered.

  • Did you know that babies are kind of messy? It’s true. It’s cuter than adult messiness but still. Best to equip your loved ones with an arsenal of these for all of the various cleaning up and preventing of more cleaning up they'll be practicing on the regular.
  • Breastfeeding/chestfeeding is not a straight-forward, one size fits all endeavor. At all. One way to prepare yourself for the potentially not entirely smooth reality, is with a thoughtful little self care kit designed to troubleshoot a few of the most common issues that may come up on your journey.
  • You know what your brand new baby might need in a colder climate? A bonnet. Ties on, stays on, covers everything except that sweet little (sometimes shrieking but still adorable) face. How about a giant pom pom to contrast with a teeny little baby head? Cute.
  • If you are looking to purchase as little as possible for your tiny small baby, have you considered a sweet basket-bed-easy-to-relocate-napping-zone mechanism all in one?