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Summer Travel with Babe

Who’s ready for the extreme joy that is taking trips with small children during the high summer travel season? No one is. That is the open secret. Traveling with a small human or several in tow is a challenge no matter how you slice it. So we’ve gathered some of our favorite, go-anywhere items to pack and other tips for making your summertime travel as hassle-free as possible. Our biggest piece of advice for your sanity and everyone’s well-being? Don’t take it too hard if you miss a few things on your itinerary, it’s the way of the universe, and there will always be something excellent on the horizon.

Travel With Babe(s)

These pretty, cozy, graphic, mini-sized blankets would make a real cute new baby gift. And in case you get hooked they come in adult sizes, too.

Put my baby in a pen? Mm no, probably not. Is what we said until we actually had children and could not get anything done ever. If you like going to the bathroom and/or eating food, consider letting your baby hang in a cute, flexible, safe space like this for a bit.

You are parent. You shlep. When you travel, you hang around baggage carousels. It’s just what you do now. But in case you might like to forego the oversize luggage zone, you can reliably rent your baby gear here and have it delivered right to your destination.

With warmer days ahead (ahem) we are already gearing up for slathering our little ones in spf one million every single day, and topping them off with the sweetest floppy baby hats you ever did see.

And one more because babies need hats to protect their delicate skin. And this pretty one has got a brim to be reckoned with.

Here are some pretty darn adorable and swim-friendly onesies and sets for all your water activity needs.

Sure, kid floaties might be the actual last thing on planet earth to get the neutral-minimal treatment, but they are finally here and swimmy time already feels at least 15% cuter.