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Closet Diary: Neram Niminde

Welcome to Closet Diary, where we take a peek inside the closets (and daily lives) of humans with amazing personal style, who also happen to be expecting, new or not-so-new parents.

This week, we tag along for a week in the life of Neram Niminde aka @neramniminde. She’s a mother of four and a multilingual doula based in Bogotá, Colombia. In this series she’s 36 weeks pregnant, though since taking these photos baby Luna has now joined us earth-side.

Monday morning, drinking my herbal tea before accompanying my kids during their virtual home schools sessions. With the pandemic, our kids’ school has switched to virtual schooling which the kids are super happy about and luckily, it works super well for us. Love to feel dressed but still comfy while doing all this.

“Dressed but still comfy” in Signature Leggings, paired with a tied-up tee, chunky cardigan and Birks.

Tuesday, another homeschool day. It had been raining during the night so the morning was quite chilly here in Bogota so I was happy to wear something comfy such as these lovely dungarees paired with a chunky cardigan and comfy Birks.

Neram wears Anytime Overalls in Cinnamon, size 2.

Wednesday, I was about to go out with my daughter and also do some appointments for my work projects. Was feeling super fresh and good, being half way through the week. Love my leggings and this super comfortable cardigan which hugs my curves and my belly, paired with some sneakers. I even put some lipstick on which doesn’t happen that often, ha!

Neram wears Signature Leggings size 2 with a cropped tee and our Nursing Cardigan in Fawn, size XS/S.

Thursday was a comfy and cozy day at home after having done some work visits the day before. Have been playing a lot with our youngest one and doing some reading and knitting. This set is one of the smoothest and most comfortable things I’ve ever worn.

Neram wears the 3-Piece Lounge Set in Rosewood, size 2.

Friday, I made it out for some tea with a friend and also bought some flowers, because I absolutely love to have flowers in our house! Bogota weather blessed us with some sun which is always a blessing here, warming us even more with being 2650 meters above sea level. Yes, it was a day for a dress!

Neram wears the Maxi Dress in Camel, size 2.

Saturday I went out for some errands. The sun was out again but there was also a fresh breeze so I paired these comfy pants with a warm jacket. I was really into that tone in tone look, all light and clear!

Neram’s tonal look features our Luxe Jogger in Latte, size 3.

Sunday, the day of the week when we chill as a family. We went to the park so I wore again these comfortable dungarees, a must have when pregnant in my eyes. I paired them with a workwear denim jacket and some Earth-toned Vans.

Neram wears Anytime Overalls in Cinnamon, size 2.

For reference, Neram is 36 weeks pregnant, 5’4” and typically wears a size Small or Medium (European 36/38). Photos by Manuela Montañez Guerra and Mateo Rueda M.

More chic mamas and cute outfits coming your way very soon :)