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Fast Chats - Trinity Mouzon

Welcome to Fast Chats. Join us for short, helpful interviews with awesome people. About what, you ask? About pregnancy, postpartum, kids, or life overall, and just generally not being totally solo on this mystical, internet-infused parenting journey.

Trinity Mouzon (Golde)

Golde founder Trinity Mouzon on Calder, superfoods, and early bedtimes.

1. Hi! How would you explain what you do?

I'm the Co-founder and CEO of Golde, a superfood-powered wellness brand. I started the business with my now-husband six years ago. We make a collection of superfood essentials from matcha to mushroom cocoa to papaya skincare! Everything is designed and formulated to help your wellness routine feel like a delightful moment instead of a chore.

2. What do you wish you could tell people who may not know about the work you do?

That wellness doesn't have to be complicated and fussy. Everything we create at Golde is centered on that idea of a feel-good wellness ritual that you want to keep coming back to. I put our Coconut Collagen Boost in my matcha/coffee every day because it just tastes so good — the fact that my skin, hair and nails are at their best ever despite me being postpartum is just the added bonus.

3. What's the silliest thing your kid(s) have said/done in the last week or so?

My daughter, Ruby, is almost six months now. Everything is silly with her lately! Right now she's teething, which can be an exhausting process for all involved, but she's also taken to"attacking" our faces in an attempt to get anything(a nose? an eyeball?) to chew on. That's been pretty funny.

4. What was the most fun thing you've done or discovered recently (with or without kids)?

Recently I visited The Whitney Museum in NYC and my husband brought me to watch Alexander Calder's "Le Cirque de Calder." He used to visit it all the time as a kid. Watch it online if you haven't seen it yet, it's such a delight. Ruby was there too, but I'll make a point to bring her back there when she's older and can enjoy it.

5. You have secrets. We have secrets. Is there anything top-secret, parenting or otherwise, you can share that might be useful to other families this holiday season?

I'm still new to the parenting thing, but my"secret" thus far to enjoying it all has been total acceptance of what is. I embrace the early bedtimes, the still-sleepless nights, and the perpetually-stained-with-something clothes. I don't fret about perfect schedules for Ruby, because she never follows one anyways. I think a lot of suffering in the early days of baby rearing is tied to your expectations not meeting reality. When you let go of those expectations, you're free to just enjoy what is.