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Enjoying Meal Time w/ Kiddos

Meal time with children is not as straightforward as one might imagine. They are hungry, right? So they eat? Not always. Depending on what’s on offer, and how it’s presented, you can get a great variety of reactions to food and drink, and even the best reactions can still make things extremely messy. Sometimes it’s just impossible to know what’s going on in those tiny heads. And so, we (humanity) have developed methods of bringing the food to the babes with the least amount of friction. Here are our picks for everything from utensils to seating to the best sippy cups on the block.

  • This is one good looking sippy cup! It’s really really the Derek Zoolander of sippy cups. We kind of want to fill it with some fresh mint lemonade and use it ourselves. Might just do that.
  • You can consider this both an elegant alternative to a sippy cup and an excellent bridge to transition to regular drinking vessels, made from impossible-to-smash bpa and phthalate-free silicone that comes in a variety of pretty colors.
  • If you’ve got a hard-to-gift human on your list, you really cannot go wrong with a box of delicious, tropical fruit shipped directly from mostly-sunny Florida to any destination in the USA.