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At Home w/ Daniélle Neal

Meet new mama and full-spectrum doula Daniélle Neal. We’re chatting new mom hacks, what she’s reading lately and reminding ourselves that it’s ok to flow. Read more about her parenthood journey and shop her fourth trimester favorites below.

Daniélle wears the Full Cup Bra in cafe, size 3 and Signature Bike Shorts in black, size 2.

Q: Where are you in your journey as a parent?A: I think I'm finding who I am as a mother, and it's been the woman that I've envisioned for so much of my life. I feel like I'm on a journey of bringing that to fruition every day, and doing it with my baby by my side is so rewarding. I'm a first time mom right now, so I'm figuring so much out about babies, children, and the essence of what they need. 

Daniélle wears the Full Cup Bra in lemon, size 3 and Cozy Rib Sleep Shorts in slate, size 2.

Q: Describe how you are feeling today in 5 words:Calm, loved, positive, confident, and happy.

Daniélle wears the Soft Touch Nursing Tank in lemon, size 3.

Q: Do you have a mantra for motherhood / parenthood?I don't have a mantra (yet) but I do remind myself that it's ok to flow, and I give myself permission to be gentle with myself.

Danielle wears the nursing-friendly Double Scoop Tank Dress in cafe, size 2.

Q: Do you have a secret weapon or something you’ve learned recently that you’d like to share?I think my secret weapon is breastfeeding! When in doubt, when there's fussiness or the energy can use some calmness, breastfeeding is a really good way to help regulate both of our emotions and bring us back to balance. And going outside too! If baby is crying, a moment in the sun is sometimes all he (and I) needs.

Q: Favorite book or thing to read/listen to/watch?

My favorite books are "Woman as Healer" and "When God Was a Woman". I love to listen to vintage afro-funk and old reggae! 

Q: Go-to recipe?

Go-to recipe is definitely salmon tacos! I grill salmon and add them to fire-heated corn tortillas, with salsa verde, cilantro, and avocado. So simple and easy :-) 

Q: Is dessert dinner?

Dessert is definitely dinner. I have such a sweet tooth and would be content indulging in cheesecake for dinner! 

In these images, Danielle is 5 months postpartum and wears a 4/6 pre-pregnancy. Head to to learn more about her LA-based doula practice

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