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Ask A Stylist Vol. 1: “I Miss Pants”

Dressing for pregnancy is no easy feat.

So we've enlisted Storq's go-to stylist and guru of doing more with less, Patricia Lagmay, to help tackle your wardrobe conundrums.

In each installment of Ask A Stylist, Patricia will share her thoughts, tips and tricks to help get you out the door (or on the Zooms), looking and feeling like yourself every day.

Q: I miss pants. What pants will fit my very pregnant body?

A: Basically anything with an elastic waist and roomy leg will fit your very pregnant body, so I’m going to make the argument that it’s not so much about whichpairs will fit you, but rather which ones are worth your investment.

Now seems as good a time as any to talk about (what I like to call) undercover sweatpants. Undercover sweatpants are pants that feel like sweatpants, but look like pants pants. They can go from casual to dressy depending on what you pair them with, all while being kind and unrestrictive to your ever-growing bump. This is where your pant dollars should go. 

To illustrate, I recently styled our good friend Jenny in the new Luxe Joggers (which Jenny says are almost too nice to be called joggers). We worked with pieces she already had in her wardrobe to put together four different looks that ranged from fancy-dinner-out (eventually this pandemic will be over, right?) to I-have-a-full-day-of-errands-to-run. All while using the same pair of pants.

Here’s Jenny all dressed up for that nice dinner out(doors). All it took was a pair of earrings, a beautiful belted coat, and some spiffy footwear.

Now here’s Jenny looking very cute yet very ready to run her Sunday errands. We paired the Luxe Joggers with some layered sweatshirts and sneakers for extra comfort.

Here’s Jenny bundled up for a cozy walk through the park (or maybe a drive upstate?)

And finally, here is Jenny tonally matching her cat Banchan (that’s Korean for “side dish”). May we all look as chic cuddling our four-legged friends.

Jenny is 35 weeks, wearing the Luxe Jogger in Black, Size 2.

Stay tuned for more styling tips from Patricia, coming soon!

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In our latest installment of Ask A Stylist, Storq's go-to stylist and guru of doing more with less, Patricia Lagmay takes on the question of building a pregnancy wardrobe without breaking the bank.

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