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Pregnancy and Postpartum-Safe Beauty

Our hot take is that you don’t need to replace your entire beauty routine, unless you want to.

There are a few key things you’ll want to stay away from (retinoids and parabens, mostly), but other than that, how natural you go is a personal choice. If you prefer to swap out a few of your regular essentials for options with fewer and/or safer chemicals, here are some of our favorites:

Deodorant A miracle deodorant, maybe? No aluminum, no baking soda but somehow manages to eliminate instead of mask odor.

Sunscreen A sunscreen that goes on like a primer. Silky smooth, zero white residue, legitimate spf rating and no gnarly chemicals. 

No shower rinse Insert line here about expecting and new parents having no time for showers. Here’s an excellent option for getting a little scalp refresh for those in between times.

Nails Maybe we were just tired of having chipped nails all the time, but we have fully embraced a clean, natural nail. Pretty, easy and simple as can be.

Every mom's skin is different—especially during pregnancy. That said, is there one universal product that every pregnant mama should keep in her arsenal? 

Belly Oil. Important: this is not about avoiding stretch marks (especially because there’s really no proof out there that you can). It’s about comfort. Skin that is dry and stretching to accommodate a little person growing inside your body is extremely uncomfortable so this oil is designed to provide immediate relief and to make you feel good, plus it’s never greasy. Stretch marks, by the way, are a badge of honor. Just sayin’.

Summer can be rough. Any products you can recommend to help beat the heat?

Pop your body moisturizer in the fridge. Cool and refreshing and costs nothing extra.

Investing a ton in all new beauty products can be out of reach for many. Are there any budget products you love that check all the boxes? Additionally, do you have any favorite multitasking products? 

Our go-to pregnancy beauty pick me up is a good red lip. Available at all price ranges, but we do particularly love this new one. Ilia has great options as well.

For a multi-tasker we love Earth Tu Face Skin Stick. Keep it in your bag for lips, elbows, knuckles and anywhere else you’re feeling dry. 

PS Something we feel is pretty overlooked in the world of pregnant lady self care is postpartum. Your body has a lot of healing to do after bringing a new baby into the world. Here are a few products we love that are designed to provide relief and keep you feeling human after giving birth to a human.