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Fast Chats - Lisa Buhler

Welcome to Fast Chats. Join us for short, helpful interviews with awesome people. About what, you ask? About pregnancy, postpartum, kids, or life overall, and just generally not being totally solo on this mystical, internet-infused parenting journey.

Lisa Buhler (Lisa Says Gah)

Lisa Says Gah! founder Lisa Buhler on small wins, activities with kids, and the new LSG store in LA.

1. Hi! How would you explain what you do?

I say Gah! over at LSG, where I dream up and curate products with my team.

2. What do you wish you could tell people who may not know about the work you do?

We're always 6 months ahead so my head is never in the current season!

3. What's the silliest thing your kid(s) have said/done in the last week or so?

I have an 18th month old and 3 year old. My 18th-month-old is always talking early so pretty much every word in both English (and Spanish) sounds adorable in that baby voice. My older toddler asks a concerning, "You OK mama?" after a sneeze or cough it's very sweet and very pandemic child of him.

4. What was the most fun thing you've done or discovered recently (with or without kids)?

We are attempting going out to eat more. Daunting but so fun when we are successful. Small wins!

5. You have secrets. We have secrets. Is there anything top-secret, parenting or otherwise, you can share that might be useful to other families this holiday season?

For me, company with others is key. Have friends over, meet up at a park, or hit up a museum for kids with other adult friends with or w/out their kids. Exploring and having kids play together while enjoying adult friendship time keeps everyone happy. 

6. Lastly, is there anything happening in your world that we should know about?

LSG store opened in LA (Echo Park) 2 months ago. See pics here.