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Closet Diary: Jordan Moriah

Meet Jordan and her son, Cedar. Jordan is sharing a week in her world with us, navigating life with a 4-month-old who has a rare condition called Hirschprung’s Disease, all while launching a new family business in Reno, Nevada.

A note from Jordan on her son’s Hirschprung’s Disease: 

“This is a rare condition that affects the large intestine, making it impossible to pass stool unassisted. Cedar has undergone 2 surgeries to correct his bowel problems and currently has another two more scheduled. He has a colostomy bag which is how he eliminates waste. Urostomies aren’t familiar territory for most of us, so we wanted to share his story and how our family operates differently because of it. 

The colostomy bag has taken a lot of work to learn how to manage. We do quite a bit of laundry in our house because bags frequently bust on a roly poly baby.  We spend a lot of time at doctor appointments to make sure Cedar’s development is on track as well as his health.

It also means a lot of uncertainty for our family. We never know if a bag is going to break in the middle of an outing or if the next procedure for Cedar will be a complete fix to his problem. Our family knows how to sit in uncertainty though and the adversity Cedar has faced in his short life encourages us and tests our faith and limits. The human body is an awesome resilient thing and the human spirit can handle just about anything. Our son has already taught us so many life lessons!!

Who knew pooping was so important?”

Jordan wears the Full Cup Bra in Lemon, size 4 and Anytime Overalls in Cinnamon, size 5.

MondayMy husband and I recently bought a food trailer and are in the midst of trying out crepe recipes. Today we’re prepping food in our rented restaurant kitchen. I love the overalls because they are cute and comfortable. They are suitable for food prep and being on the floor. After food prep, I head over to my son’s physical therapy session and it requires a lot of hands on movement so being cozy is a must! 

Jordan wears the Full Cup Bra in Lemon , size 4 and pants from the 3-Piece Lounge Set in Cafe, size 4.

TuesdayToday my son has an appointment with Advanced Wound Care. The physicians take a look at his colostomy to make sure it’s as it should be and they help show us different techniques to troubleshoot problems. With their help we’ve gotten down to only changing Cedar’s colostomy bag once a day but in the past have changed it as many as 4 times a day! I like to be comfortable but stylish when we go to dr. appointments because I feel like that’s one of the few places we “go out” to at this moment in time.

Jordan wears Signature Bike Shorts in Leopard. size 4.

WednesdayWe have some physical prep to do at our food trailer today. It’s hot here in Reno and I like to work in just a bra and shorts. I like the leopard shorts because they are comfy but still cute and chic which is perfect because we have another dr’s appointment. I throw on my go to jean shirt to cover up for the cold dr’s office. Today we’re meeting with Cedar’s pediatric digestive surgeon to check in  and start to plan his upcoming surgery. So far Cedar’s had two surgeries to correct his intestinal issues and has another two to go!

Jordan wears the Soft Touch Nursing Tank in Cafe, size 5.

ThursdayCedar has his last physician appointment for the week today. He has a CranioSacral appointment to help ease his nervous system and realign his body. It’s similar to a chiropractor but a lot gentler and works with the nervous system rather than joints. I highly recommend this for children who have any sort of disability! After CranioSacral we head to the Farmers’ Market where we catch up with friends and shop for organic local produce. The nursing tank is my favorite Storq piece and can be worn with so many different outfits! It makes nursing super easy when you’re on the go. 

Jordan wears the Cozy Rib Day to Night Pants in Slate, size 4.

FridayAfter a busy week I’m not doing anything but hanging with my baby and grocery shopping so we can focus on family time for the weekend. I love how cozy and complimenting the cozy rib pants are and the shade of blue matches my pastel vibes. When I go to the grocery store I throw on my favorite jean shirt to avoid getting cold. 

In these images, Jordan is 4 months postpartum and wears a XL pre-pregnancy and a 38DDD bra. Head to her Instagram to continue following her motherhood and family biz journey

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