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Gifts for New Moms

Gifts for new moms - The American healthcare system doesn’t love you like we love you. Give birth, good luck, see you in six weeks for about five minutes! We know (and you know, and everyone else knows) that giving birth is a big, big thing - mentally, emotionally, physically. Meanwhile, you’re caring for a new life. You know who really needs to be taken care of? The person who gave birth. So here is our list of sweet treats, postpartum support networks, and just generally promoting the concept of giving an f that someone who just birthed a child might need some extra TLC in the days, weeks and months after baby arrives.

  • Nursing pillows, do you really need them? Can’t you just use a regular pillow? Sure, yes, you can pile and stack and tuck and make it work, but you don’t have to. This one is organic, water resistant and cuter than it needs to be.
  • Feeling a leetle bit stressed lately? Sure you are. What’s not to be stressed about? Here’s an idea for making the most of those special alone-time moments in the bathtub. A soak to reduce anxiety? We are feeling less anxious already!
  • Presenting: delicious chocolate sweet treats that taste just as good with no added sugar. Plant-based, naturally gluten-free, and pretty, too.
  • Do you know someone in the middle of something big and life-changing (pregnancy, fertility, childbirth, etc.)? They could almost certainly use a delicious box of treats designed to support their needs. Just a thought.
  • Not to get all doom and gloom over here, but expecting parents really should be well informed about the postpartum experience, but most are not. Major Care is a new resource and virtual tool for support and guidance while navigating the confusing liminal space that is postpartum. This would also make a stellar last minute holiday gift.
  • Single use anything is frustrating. But fear not, there is now an eye mask gel patch apparatus you can pair with your cream/serum of choice and reuse daily for at least a year. The revolution is here, it will be live-streamed, and your eyes will not be puffy.
  • If you have been or ever anticipate being a postpartum person, let us advise you now: everyone stops paying attention after the baby comes. So we think it’s a pretty big deal when a company launches with targeted products for postpartum recovery and support.
  • This is a versatile body pillow made from organic latex. Great for people with a baby growing inside of them, people with back pain, or people who side-sleep. Super repurpose-able as a bolster but that’s only if and only if your sleepy time discomforts are actually day. Maybe.
  • At last, physical therapy that is designed for expecting and new mothers that you can visit either in-person or online. Don’t get us started on how badly this is needed or the typically abysmal state or prenatal and postpartum care in the US. Oops there we go!
  • Hinoki wood flakes are a quick and easy form of aromatherapy so you can pretend you’re relaxing at an onsen in Kyoto from the comfort of your tubby tub at home.
  • Staying in touch with loved ones is at minimum a part-time job and if you're going to be any good at it you should probably just download this app.
  • If you’re sleeping like a baby you can just skip right over this one. But if you’re not, and would like to, consider trying a calming spritz of this (maybe on your pillow?) to reset the mood for sleepy time. At the very least you’ll enjoy a pleasing scent, but we wish for you all of the honk-shoo’s.
  • We’d like to say we gave up body pillows post-pregnancy. We’d like to…but we cannot. Because now our bodies are all jumbled inside after growing humans and having a squishy but firm and moldable tool to prop up and cuddle into for optimal sleeps is actually pretty great.
  • Breastfeeding is the tits! And good for you if it’s going smoothly! In the event that you’re experiencing pain, soreness, sensitivity, swelling, etc. we have heard tell that these compresses are instantly soothing and healing.
  • It wasn’t that long ago that one’s only non-alcoholic options were O’Douls and literally nothing else. But look at you now! Shrub-kombucha? Sure. A canned mocktail? Why yes, we would like to try that, thankyouverymuch.
  • Once you become a parent something as simple as a shower has now been rebranded as “me-time” so make the most of it! And turn that shower stall into a legit spa while you’re at it.
  • Breastfeeding/chestfeeding is not a straight-forward, one size fits all endeavor. At all. One way to prepare yourself for the potentially not entirely smooth reality, is with a thoughtful little self care kit designed to troubleshoot a few of the most common issues that may come up on your journey.
  • Forget everything you know about moisturizing and embrace the soothing, gentle ways of this unscented bar, designed with sensitive mamas and babes in mind.
  • This herbal beverage was crafted with new mothers in mind to be be calming and support healthy milk production.