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Gifts for Kids Under 1

The life of parents with kids under a year old is wild, and sleepless. There are so many phases and milestones and moments of joy and frustration that the overwhelm is very real. We have curated a versatile list of gifts for little ones under 1 (infants?!) to help make life easier for babes as well as their overseers. From feeding to sleep and comfort to playtime, here are gifts any under one year old would be giddy and drooly to receive.

  • Did you know that babies are kind of messy? It’s true. It’s cuter than adult messiness but still. Best to equip your loved ones with an arsenal of these for all of the various cleaning up and preventing of more cleaning up they'll be practicing on the regular.
  • Regular bubble baths are cool. But rainbow bubble baths are the coolest. All the things kids love (bubbles, rainbows, splashing water everywhere) in a form that pleases parents (something safe that you can wash down the drain when you’re done). Wins all around.
  • Baby sleep can be elusive and fleeting. And a baby sleep deficit can be not cute for everyone involved. We love the simplicity and versatility of this little knit cocoon to keep baby comfortably snug and cozy for long sleepy stretches.
  • No, babies don’t really need shoes. But yes, baby feets do get chilly in the wintertime. The solution, of course, is an insanely cute pair of woolly baby booties that will give both of you all the warm fuzzy feelings.
  • There are two key qualities that make these tights so great. Ok three. They cover a good amount of torso in addition to legs and feets for added warmth. They also have little suspenders which keep them from falling down like all tights are wont to do. The third is they are adorable. There are actually more reasons, but we’ll pause there for now.
  • The question is not so much whether you should get an adorable shower poncho for your child who is unable (or refuses) to hold a towel around their body, but whether this company also makes adult sizes 👀.
  • Babies. They are such divas with the multiple outfit changes. You’ll need a solid, go-to, cute and soft and easy-in-easy-out uniform to keep up with them. We’re currently digging this LA-made cutie.