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What's Storq All About?

We are a couple of crazy kids who decided to give it a go making clothes for pregnant ladies.

Everyone around us was getting pregnant and wondering aloud why maternity clothing didn’t look like things they (or anyone) would normally wear. Maternity is like a black hole for good taste, they would say, and we had to agree. So we set out to create a few key pieces that could become your maternity uniform, things that you’d actually want to buy even if shopping for maternity clothes is not your thing. That became the Basics Bundle: 4 luxe essentials to get you through all 9 months, conveniently pre-packed for an all-around painless shopping experience.

True story: after pregnancy, many women go on to breastfeed their kids. Pretty soon, it became clear to us that nursing moms and new parents also needed simple, go-to solutions that didn’t feel like a compromise. So we started making things for nursing and parenthood as well.

The result is a collection of refined essentials that we hope will make life easier for growing families and keep everyone looking and feeling like themselves.

Ok, great. So how is Storq actually different? Here’s the world according to Storq.

The Tao Of Storq


What you wear is not only about how you look, but also how you feel. Pregnancy and parenthood can really throw off your sense of self, and it’s the little things like having clothes that fit and make you feel put together that actually help you get out the door every day. We design pieces that look and feel like what you would normally use and wear, because dammit, you are a human being and having kids does not make you a different person.


We don’t make a new collection every few months. In fact, we only make products one at a time, because we feel strongly that they should exist. We stay away from trends, keeping the focus on styles that are classic and seasonless, so anyone can shop year-round. Clothing is designed to mix effortlessly with your pre-pregnancy wardrobe and can often be worn or used during pregnancy, nursing and postpartum.


Comfort is always our number one concern. We prefer fabrics that are soft and breathable using eco-friendly or natural fibers when possible. We’re always on the lookout for things that are washable and can be easily cared for.


Prices should be accessible without compromising on quality. When your needs are changing every day, you don’t have time to wait for stuff to go on sale. Because Storq is a direct-to-consumer biz, our customers skip the retail markup and get everyday fair prices for made in the USA goodness.

The Best Basics? Really? Yes.

From fit to fabric to factory, see what makes Storq basics the very best.

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Storq Recycling

We get that it’s annoying to invest in a temporary wardrobe. At Storq we do our best to design things to be as versatile as possible, but odds are you’ve got a few pieces you no longer need. So instead of burning your old pregnancy attire in a ritual bonfire, we've partnered with 2ReWear to help you recycle it.

Shoot an email to and we’ll take care of the rest. All proceeds from the pieces you donate will go to Circle of Health International and in return you’ll get a $25 gift certificate towards a future Storq order for doing your part to help lighten our landfills. A little something for you, and a little something for mother earth.

What Our Customers Say

I was thrilled to become pregnant, but not so thrilled with my changing body. But Storq has made me excited. It's made me feel beautiful. -Aaron

The pregnancy weight that came with my first trimester really threw me off my clothes game and made getting dressed sort of awkward and miserable. The Storq dress is the first thing I've worn in 3 months where I feel fabulous and I feel like myself. It's impossibly perfect. Thank you thank you thank you. -Rachael

Your tagline is totally true and I feel like myself, i.e. a black-clad, somewhat surly New Yorker. Have already been complimented by strangers on various pieces (don't worry, I was very nice back). Thanks for helping me resolve my wardrobe crisis. -Jodi

Questions on fit? Read our FAQ.



Screen printed labels means there is not one single scratchy tag to poke and prod you.
Made in the USA. Each piece is knitted, dyed, cut and sewn in Los Angeles, CA.
Carefully designed with as few seams as possible for a minimal look with maximum comfort.
Our direct to consumer biz means we cut out the middle man and eliminate the additional markup to give you every day fair pricing.
No ruching, tiny belts, tiny bows, or graphics that refer to being pregnant.
Each piece can be worn for all 9 months and postpartum. In other words, wear them as long as you like. You're the boss.
Adaptable silhouettes that can be worn in different ways, in all seasons.
4 key wardrobe staples means you’ll always have something to wear. You're covered no matter what your body is doing from one day to the next.
The Basics mix seamlessly with what's in your closet so you don't have to spend a ton on a temporary wardrobe.