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Screen printed labels means there is not one single scratchy tag to poke and prod you.
Made in the USA. Each piece is knitted, dyed, cut and sewn in Los Angeles, CA.
Carefully designed with as few seams as possible for a minimal look with maximum comfort.
Our direct to consumer biz means we cut out the middle man and eliminate the additional markup to give you every day fair pricing.
No ruching, tiny belts, tiny bows, or graphics that refer to being pregnant.
Each piece can be worn for all 9 months and postpartum. In other words, wear them as long as you like. You're the boss.
Adaptable silhouettes that can be worn in different ways, in all seasons.
4 key wardrobe staples means you’ll always have something to wear. You're covered no matter what your body is doing from one day to the next.
The Basics mix seamlessly with what's in your closet so you don't have to spend a ton on a temporary wardrobe.