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How To Take Care of Yourself After Giving Birth: A Postpartum Primer

Because childbirth is nothing to sneeze-pee at. Just kidding, that is exactly what it is.

Every birth experience is unique, and this guide is meant to serve as reminder to keep an open mind about what recovery looks like for you. Maybe it will be an easy birth, maybe not so much. Either way, your body will need time to recover. Your mind will need time to recover. Seek out the space and support you need to feel empowered during this transition. When you carry a baby in your body for 9 months there is a visible reminder of the work you’re putting in on a daily basis to sustain a life. Postpartum bodies don’t always send the same signal out to the world, and it can be easy for everyone (yourself included) to forget that giving birth is a huge event. Taking the best care of yourself during this time is incredibly important.

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