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How To Travel With A New Babe

Learning to ignore the resting b-face(s) in the seat next to you and more ideas for surviving your maiden airplane voyage with a little one.

Photo Credit: Battmann

The first trip creates a lot of panicked feelings. These are our tips, tricks and general pep to get your confidence level up so you, your babe and the world at large will be much happier. We’re talking time zones, airplane bathrooms and other such controversial topics. Hey, it beats not traveling! And it can even be very fun (promise). Read on and proceed with caution. Small caveat: This is a guide to empower those of us traveling by plane for the first time with a new babe. Everyone has their own personal preferences and specific circumstances, so, as always, do what’s best for you and your family. In other words, if nothing here resonates, feel free to ignore this guide completely. No hard feelings :)

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